My artwork is very personal.  It addresses life situations – universal concerns – some of which hit close to home.  Often I use the human body, or parts of the body, to convey an idea.  I have consistently explored the use of multiplicity of forms and sensual minimalism with a variety of materials including tinted rubber, wax, plaster, and resins.  Provocative elements, dark humor, and machinery to create movement have surfaced in my recent sculpture - in addition to my core use of visual puns and irony.

A close personal identification with natural forces such as growth, loss, birth, and seasons, and my natural instinct to observe flowers as tangible evidence of these forces, has led me, in recent years, to my “femme fleur” challenges.  My first foray into this floral realm was with unique bronze flowers that discretely revealed intimate vulval imprints cast directly from volunteers, who enthusiastically embraced their participation in this show of female pride and strength.  This “Intimate Details” series was also a natural extension of my past work with female body image, as seen in the Venus sculptures; my breast cancer therapy investigation and sculpture installation – “CRT – 0981”; and my involvement (outside of my art) with the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center.  These female and floral forms continue to foster further exploration with new contextual ideas and media.

The giclee’ prints are a departure for me from the 3 dimensional, but maintain themes that have shown up in my previous work.  In these photographs, I am attempting to create unsettling images – to pose questions for the viewer, who will bring his or her experience to confront the art.  “Are things always what they appear to be?”  A fiesta atmosphere with sinister undertones – “What is really going on here?”  Is the grotesque piñata symbolically a victim of personal violence or societal aggression?  (Both of which are all too prevalent.)  In a mysterious light are ladies high-heeled pumps.  Are they power shoes from a glamorous past – now alone and vulnerable?  Earth and ashes fill the void inside these shoes. Perhaps isolation and loss lurk within these images.

Although my artwork changes constantly, “vulnerability” and “strength” weave in and out creating a unifying link.